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SharePoint Optimization

SharePoint Optimization

Deliver high-performance global collaboration while lowering Microsoft® SharePoint® Total Cost of Ownership.

SharePoint Optimization

The key to optimizing SharePoint Server 2013 or SharePoint Server 2010 performance is efficient Microsoft SQL Server® storage management. DocAve provides the tools necessary to optimize SQL resources – and manage the entire SharePoint content lifecycle – with:

  • Intelligent reporting to quickly identify problem areas
  • Migration-Free SharePoint management of file-share content
  • Real-Time binary large object (BLOB) management
  • Automatic content preservation, retention, and deletion

Paired with AvePoint's award winning data protection products, all content – regardless of where it resides – is fully protected for consistent backups and fast recovery.

SharePoint Optimization Requirement Product or Solution
Alleviate growing storage burdens and enhance compliance by maintaining immutable, read-only copies of archived content for automatic disposition of SharePoint records in accordance with established policies DocAve Archiver
Keep SharePoint's SQL Server resources optimized by automatically exposing file share content through SharePoint Server 2013 or SharePoint Server 2010 without migration DocAve Connector
Connect file servers to SharePoint to easily preview and access files without migrating legacy file share content onto network or cloud storage DocAve File Share Navigator
Enable organizations to efficiently manage Microsoft SQL Server databases by defining storage and archiving policies according to their specific business needs and retention policies DocAve Governance Automation
One dashboard for comprehensive platform intelligence, with fully customizable dashboard views and reporting on all aspects of platform usage, health, and resource utilization DocAve Report Center
Optimize SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Server 2010 performance and storage costs by removing BLOBs from SQL databases based on customizable business rules, leveraging hierarchical storage for active SharePoint content DocAve Storage Manager

Combined, these tools deliver the industry's most comprehensive and robust SharePoint storage optimization and performance solution.

  • End-users enjoy uninterrupted access to all SharePoint content externalized with AvePoint's DocAve external BLOB storage (EBS) and remote BLOB storage (RBS) providers
  • Administrators can rest assured they can protect and manage all externalized BLOB content as if the files were still residing in SQL Server content databases

DocAve is the industry's only truly integrated platform for SharePoint management: organizations can fully utilize DocAve's data protection, administration, and migration solutions for all connected, extended, and archived content.

As with all AvePoint software, our storage optimization solutions utilize only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs, including Microsoft’s EBS and RBS APIs.